Thursday, March 3, 2011

One night Tomok Parapat trip with shouters

I dont know how to describe my feeling, very happy, excited, syook, afraid, tired ..........but all of that really make me satisfied.

Not much interested picture I can take it , but I already have the picture before (see on my previous post tongging and Brastagi)

The main purpose is I can meet more shouters from Penang and KL then we have excited adventure. We all knew to get a boot from the harbour is the scariest part of the whole trip, bcos we too late get the harbour , it was dark liao. That's why vingie called it " SOMALI SCARY PIRATES" LOL ....Nice vingie I like it !........

along the way I really hope that our driver can seattle a boat for us bcos he is a man and maybe a driver more easier to communicate with there local people, but I see he also not sure how to get the boat #$%^%&^^*&**&&^$%(_))(*$$

Since im living at Medan I never know that Toba has very awsome place like TABO COTTAGE , Satkuru memang hebat he found it from internet

Here my opinion for shouters

Satkuru : Our chief & guide , leadership, thankyou for being our guide

Angeline : Friendly and enjoying , she teach me how to play monopoly deal, at least Im the winner mah :D :D :D

Vingie : attractive, cheerful, fussy.......our trip more colourfull and commotion bcos of you and JJ

colleen : Tomboy and nice person :D .... hidden photografer with her pocket camera

Asrar : Cool

Emily : Mature, emily...........come again to medan for shoping :D

Sherlyn ; Silent

Ai ling : Enjoy, simple,mature, easy going and friendly...this trip make you disgrasp then vomit , hope you still interest come to medan

Aaroon : Unique, fun and motorcycle racer , thank you for carry me! its fun
JJ : still same like I meet him at penang , he is funny, buzzing and waist LOLOLOL, he is my hokkien teacher

Kong : Care, he let me sit at comfort space, hope your back is OK during in the bumpy van

desmond : Mr.sleeping wake up!!! you fall asleep on who shoulder?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Company's Partnership

Tung Shin Hospital Kuala Lumpur

about eight month ago i need to medical check-up for my chest , so I went to KL and choose Tungshin Hospital for medical check-up

take a bus to hospital from LCCT it took us 25 minute to reach there.

I must advise tofast at least 10 hours before health screening process, a friendly malay nurse brought me to a room where our weight and height were taken and for ECG

I went to see the physician, he test my eyesight, blood plessure then sent down to the X-ray department to have my chest X-ray, ultrasound abdomen, then get my blood and urine sample.

after finish and completed the whole health screaning process , doctor not yet to apply permission bact to medan , so I choose to still stay at apart/hotel with my friends .... thanks you my friend

Saturday, October 3, 2009

MTJ's Company

On this year Ramadhan holiday I joined with my fellow colleagues in the MTJ company ... .. we decided to climb and see the waterfall. Although I ever visited before and even fairly tired to attend. But this is the first time I joined with staff in this company so it would not hurt to add my experience with them.
The cute boy is "aphenk" we always bully him
My knee was very paintfull after hiking in this place
Me and fenny

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cemara asri

One day before i going to penang, i going out to play badminton with 199club. Darwan and Darwin is a good players , i think they often practice badminton , michael and henny also nice players, only me the bad player ''=.='. i play badminton is not different like i catch mosquito ;p

after that we going to swim, only me , darwin and michael . henny dont want to swim and darwan huh why come to swimming pool if dont want swim loser darwan....hehehe

michael swim around deep pool , darwin and me just follow him on coastal area hahahaha...we to old liao to swim like michael hahahah, we have fun , we doing thing like what people doing at odyseas - bali (diving on deep pool and wave to the other). sooooo crazy hahaha...

Darwan, me, Darwin, henny, michael

Cemara asri also have a big budhis tzu chi temple and we go to there after swimming to take some picture .
with hennymy hand cant take the tea potwow michael can take up the big tea pot

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nice Penang , Nice Shouters

On may I have much free time, my contract is begin on 15th juny , so is too boring at home. when I saw shouters program that they arrange to go kayak-ing , through at once I search airasia website to find cheaper ticket.

I meet shouters for the first time and we go kayak-ing at pulau tikus. JJ fetch me at 8.30 am, Lasker has been waiting at Mc Donald for breakfast and not long after we arrived, wendy, hugo, and hugo brother came . Ok lets go dayung ....dayung .... dayung....
Kayak-ing boat like thispreparing wear the safaty jacketIts little difficult when we arrived to this island Never plan what we wearing , see our t-shirt color

At night Lasker treat me eat "Koay Chiap" ( I dont how to say in english, ask lasker
lar haha) and I meet angeline , satkuru and elise. Chef Khuen too late! he came after we finish our dinner , he bring me to Batu Feringhi.

for shopping I go to Komtar buy some cloth, T-shirt, vincci shoes and sandals . Much stuff I can buy in this mall and I also go to midlans, gurney plaza.

Going to sleeping budha , its near from my apartement

Front of gurney plaza

Khe lok shi & Penang Hill. both of this place is interesting with the weather and delicious chicken rice ( have a small portion enough for me )
I meet someone who help me to take my picture, and meet him again when I want go to penang hill. We talking much topic along on the way untill we go back and dinner together.


Penang Peranakan Mantion . I wake up early take more picture in this place, old chinese history and heritage, RM 10 for entrance this place

Botanical Garden. Not much to see in this place

National Park Teluk Bahang. I take bus until there , easy to go difficult to back. Little bit affraid when I havent find bus for back bcos not much bus through there .

Miami Beach. The beach have more big rock and rather well clean water.

L4D and hawker center dinner I think play a game is easy thing , and just children play the game ... actually its so difficult for me , thanks JJ at list I can felt how enjoy play the online game heheheh

One day before I go back to medan , Chef Khuen bought me eat Nasi claypot , Dessert ah kong tang yuen and other food until my stomach felt like a full baloon .
Im so happy in this 2 weeks completely my holiday with nice people from shouter penang. and this my opinion for each shouters who I ever meet :

Lasker : wise , mature, responsibility, leadership
Elise : mature, nice , sweet
JJ : sooooo funny , sanquine ,what he say, what he talking , what he doing all can make you lough
Hugo : Clever , Hi-tech
Wendy : his face soo cute , and she have a beauty skin like a barbie
Hugo Brother : heroic, brave , easygoing

Angeline : easygoing , simple
Satkuru : Cool
Chef khuen : He is like a teacher ,he know detail of penang, and all about food

leon : so quiet , and just smiling :)

This last photo for shouters